Hello everyone, we had 3 great trips on the Bay today.  Our day started with a run offshore to avoid boat traffic around a fin whale and we found another large finback in the offshore area.  We also found 3 minke whales and one even got a little curious with the boat

We made our way back inshore and spent time with the fin whale we passed by earlier

On our 2pm trip the SW wind had picked up so a lot of the traffic had gone back to port.  We spent time with the same large fin whale we had inshore earlier in the day.

Check out the lower right jaw!

On the evening run we got to see Slice, a minke whale who is missing it’s dorsal fin.  We did take a small run out to see if we could locate a finback but didn’t have any luck.

We also saw bald eagles, porpoise and seals on all 3 trips.

Harbour seal pup on Whitehorse

Harbour seals

Juvenile bald eagle over Whitehorse

Thanks for checking in today!