Today was a very frustrating day of searching for whales, in the morning we got our hopes up with a very brief sighting of a minke whale and a sight of a large blow at a distance but both were not to be seen again.  In the afternoon we had some wind and offshore fog to deal with.  Even though no whales were sighting (and our passengers left with a voucher to come out with us again anytime) there was still lots to see.

On our 10am trip the weather was suitable to head offshore to search and the bird life out there is amazing.  We saw shearwaters (sooty, greater and manx), puffins, razorbills and storm petrels.  And on both trips the tide was plenty low enough to spend some time with seals who were hauled out at Splitting Knife.

Harbour seals

Harbour seal (top) and grey seal (bottom)

Harbour seals and female grey seal

Harbour seals and grey seal (left)

Grey seal checking us out

female grey seal and some harbour seals

These harbour seals look pretty relaxed!

Harbour seal hanging out with some greys 

We have also been spending some time at Whitehorse Island, it’s still nesting season for many seabirds and there is lots to see.  If you want to learn more about the birds we see on our trips please check out Quoddy Link Birds, a new blog that Nick is taking care of this season!!

Black legged kittiwakes on Whitehorse Island

Thanks for checking in today…I am keeping my fingers crossed to bring you better news tomorrow,