Hello everyone, the weather co-operated today and we were able to get back out on the water with a small cruise ship group who were down from Saint John.  We took them straight off towards South Wolf where we found a fin whale and 3 humpbacks; Cork, Ibex and Wheat.  Just as we were about to leave Cork popped up beside the boat and we had an amazing close encounter with her, she checked us out and circled the boat before moving on her way, I simply ADORE that whale!

The large fin whale we saw with the humpbacks

Wheat, born in 2007 to Sickle

Ibex, born in 1988 to Petrel

And Cork, born in 2002 to Mica, I have seen her every season since 2004 and have I mentioned I adore her.

Thanks for staying in touch this season, I will try and put together an “End of Season” post soon.

Take Care everyone, stay in touch!


Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊