Hello everyone, you know you love your job when you go into work….just for fun….on your day off, yep, I went whale watching today!  With the right whale sightings we have been having how could I not go out….and today was another fantastic day!

Here are some photos from our 10 am departure

Our afternoon departure was not only filled with incredible right whale sightings…..here are some pics….

This whale was only breathing out of the left blowhole, possibly due to an injury to the right side

BUT…we also had this amazing encounter with a basking shark!!

AND…we had a very brief encounter with an ocean sunfish, Mola mola

Here is a video of the right whales from today, the right whale swimming alone on this video was injured somehow, a lot of scars on the whale, the right hand side seems almost to be compressed or “dented” and the whale was also breathing only out of the left blowhole.

THANKS for checking in today….No one can say how long these right whales will be feeding off and around the Wolves, there were at least 30 whales out there today.  Again, this is a VERY special sighting and nothing we would expect to see out of St. Andrews as we would usually have to travel many more miles out into the open Bay of Fundy to see rights.  We will enjoy them while they are close!

Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊