Hello everyone, we have had some SW wind over the past 2 days and that has kept us relatively confined to the inshore area….we did do a quick run offshore yesterday afternoon and this afternoon just to check out the conditions but it was not suitable to try and search for humpbacks.

Yesterday morning it was calm enough to go offshore and we were able to find Sonogram, the 2004 female calf of Peedee.

We have seen fin whales on every departure the past 2 days and yesterday afternoon and this afternoon we had wonderful sightings of Slice, a special minke whale who has lost it’s dorsal fin.  Here is a picture I took today of Slice off Casco Bay Island.

We also had a great bald eagle sighting this afternoon.  An adult came in and landed with a mackerel in it’s talon and then started vocalizing as a young eagle came in the same area and fished.  Not sure if the juvenile was a the young of the year of the adult eagle but it was an interesting interaction to watch.  Here is a picture of the adult eagle calling, and note the mackerel in it’s talon.

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Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊