Hello everyone, we have had some great weather the past 3 days and because of the great weather we have been able to travel offshore and search for humpbacks….and we have been successful on each and every departure!

Here are some photos from the past few days…

September 7th

2009 calf of Siphon

2010 calf of Shuttle

2008 calf of Tether

2008 calf of Tether showing off some rake marks

Fundy Tide Runners and Sonogram

September 8th


Sonogram showing off her scars

Sonogram showing off her unique trailing edge

2008 calf of Tether

2008 calf of Tether showing some rake marks


September 9th

Sonogram, the 2004 calf of Peedee, and a female


Our shark sighting from September 8th will get it’s own post…..

Thanks for checking in, the weather looks like it will be beautiful this weekend, I will keep you posted on all of our sightings.


Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊