Hello everyone, I am sorry that it has been so long since I have posted.  It has been a frustrating few weeks with weather (fog and wind) and whales.  We have been seeing minke whales on most trips, confined to the Islands due to weather but there have been a few trips where we have not seen whales (if whales are not sighted our passengers have the choice of 1/2 their money back or a free pass that never expires to come out again with us).  Well, today the weather was on our side and John took advantage of that and took us right offshore in search of fin whales and on both out 10am and 2 pm trip we certainly found what we were looking for!

These photos are from our 10 am trip, we found 2 fin whales.

And these photos are from our 2pm trip, we found 4 fin whales together and at least another 1 we could see closer to Grand Manan

Thanks so much for checking in, hopefully the weather will stay good for us and we will be able to continue going offshore,