Hello everyone, what a great day we had….beautiful weather, great whales and fantastic passengers….we really can’t ask for anything more.
Today on both our 10am and 2pm trips we made our way off Blacks Harbour and spent time with finback whales (4 in the am and 3 in the afternoon).  On both trips were we able to see the mom and calf pair that that has been in the area for the past little while.

Here you can see the lower right jaw of a fin whale, note that it is white and if the whale was swimming in the opposite direction you would not be able to see this.  You can also see the “blaze”, the white swirl-like marks behind the blowhole which are unique to each whale.

This whale we saw a lot on our afternoon, note the unique dorsal fin and the white scar-like mark on the back.  Both would be used for ID

This is the calf who was swimming on it’s own a bit today and even started to show some playful barrel rolls in the afternoon and bringing part of it’s tail out of the water.

We had a few close approaches and here you can see a fin whale swimming towards the boat, the wood railing is from the upper deck and the heads on the bottom of the picture are from the new foredeck.

We had a few curious seals in the morning while we were watching whales.  The top photo below is a young harbour seal and the other is a female grey seal….she is OK, she is just stretching her neck backwards and looking down into the water….their eyes are on the tops of their heads so they have to flip over to look down.

We stopped at Whitehorse as well and saw some herring gull chicks….they are so sweet.

We also had an amazing eagle sighting, we saw one adult fly up to a nest and you could hear the young eaglets calling and then we found the mated pair close by.

Thanks for checking in….we are hoping the fog holds off for tomorrow,


Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊