Good Evening everyone

Just a short post tonight, it’s late and past my bedtime but I wanted to share todays’ sightings. We spent time on all 3 trips today with the mom and calf fin whale pair, and we also saw minke whales on all 3 departures too.

This evening there was a lot of activity off the entrance to Head Harbour Passage, a lot of bird groups forming and many “bait balls” (which are balls of herring that the birds, porpoise, tuna and whales feed on). We had a few great looks at mom as she lunge fed through the herring, the photo below is from tonight and the second photo is a close-up of the first one showing the birds actually in the mouth of the fin whale. Note the ventral pleats and that mom lunge fed with her right side down (the right side of her lower jaw is white and fin whales will often feed with that side down as it will act as counter-shading).

I also got some video that I will share in a few days when I get a chance to upload it.

Thanks for checking in,