Good evening everyone. I am going to keep this short and sweet, it’s late and it was a very busy day, our first day with 3 full trips.

We had minke whales on all 3 departures today and on our 5:30 pm trip, as the fog finally pushed back enough we found 2 fin whales off the entrance to Head Harbour Passage.

Today, with the fog and everything, all of the whale watching companies from St. Andrews and Campobello really worked together to help locate and keep an eye on the whales….all about team work today.

Here is a picture from the minke whale we saw this afternoon. This is “Slice”, as you can probably see this minke has no dorsal fin, most likely caused by a sip strike of some sort but he is all healed and seems to be doing great.

I also wanted to share this photo of the dorsal fin of the basking shark from the other day.

Thanks for checking in today, looks like it will be a busy day tomorrow as well