Hey everyone, just wanted to share that we had a great day on the water today with finback whales on both of our trips!!

On our 10:00 am departure we sent our Scout boat out to help search some offshore areas and was so happy to hear that they found 2 large fin whales on a shallow area called the Wolves Bank!! We got some great looks before the wind started to pick up out of the southwest.

On our afternoon trip we spent time with 3 minke whales just inside Head Harbour Passage and we were starting our run up the shoreline of Campobello towards Nancy Head to see what we could find when we got a call from a fellow whale watcher out of St. Andrews, Fundy Tide Runners, that they found a fin whale off Blacks Harbour so made our way over and got some great looks in the choppy conditions.

The pictures below are both from the morning trip (notice the calm seas).

Thanks for checking in, we have 2 trips tomorrow for Canada Day


Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊