Hello everyone, what a great day we had!! We made our way offshore and had to search a little but John spotted some blows to the east behind Eastern Wolf and we found 3 humpbacks….and 2 were new! With our sightings today it brings our total to 33 humpbacks for the 2009 season….so far!

I want to share a bunch of photos with you from today…

This is Blanco, one of the new humpbacks from today. We also saw Blanco in 2007.

This is Spoon, a female and BY FAR the largest humpback I have ever seen and the second new humpback of the day. She is known for being very large.

The third humpback today was Quarternote, a male and the 2001 calf of Buckshot.

Quarternote was rolling over a little and slapping his large pectoral flippers on the surface of the water. Below is a series of a pec slap.

I also have some pictures of the whales traveling side-by-side to show size comparison and the difference between the dorsal fins.

This is Quarternote and Spoon

This is Blanco and Spoon

There is something that I want to share, one thing people often ask is, “do they tag whales?” Researchers are tagging humpback whales to gain a clearer picture of their underwater habits and foraging strategies. The data collected is used to redirect water traffic and implement safer fishing practices to keep these whales out of harms’ way.

Thanks SO much for checking in today,


Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊