Hi everyone!

Finally, a day with light winds and calmer seas and we were able to explore the Grand Manan Chanel well this afternoon and we documented 4 humpbacks…and 2 were new to our area! With these 2 new humpbacks that brings our total number of humpbacks for our little part of the Bay of Fundy to 31…and the season isn’t over yet!

This is Sodapop, one of the new humpbacks we saw today. Sodapop was an unknown that was just named this past spring.

This is the other new humpback from today, this is Sonogram, the 2004 calf of PeeDee. Thank YOU Jelly Doughnut for all of your ID’s this season!!

This is Meristem

This is EKG

Thanks for checking in today…..tomorrow should be another good day of whale watching


Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊