Hey everyone, now that I have filled you all in on our very special North Atlantic right whale trip I want to make sure I take the time to tell you about today’s departures.

On both our morning and afternoon trips we spent some time and got some amazing looks at fin whales off the entrance to Head Harbour Passage off the northern tip of Campobello Island. This morning there must have been around 15 finbacks there!

With calm seas and great visibility John decided to run us offshore in search of humpbacks on both trips.

On our 10:00 am departure we didn’t have to go very far when we spotted a blow that we thought was a humpback and with closer inspection and a look at the fluke we confirmed it was Inlet, a juvenile humpback that was seen by Quoddy for the first time last season, classified as an unknown and then named last spring.

While we were waiting for Inlet to surface again we spotted another blow about 1.5 miles towards the Grand Manan Chanel and when we arrived we found Quarternote, an 8 year old male.

On our 2:00 pm departure we headed immediately offshore towards the Wolves Bank and not too far off Southern Wolf we found 3 humpbacks traveling together! We recognized them as whales we had seen on previous days…Colorado and her 2009 calf and Crystal.

Here is Crystal fluking as Colorado and her baby surface.

Crystal’s fluke and dorsal fin

This is Colorado and her 2009 calf


Colorado’s 2009 calf spyhopping and the fluke

Thanks for checking in today!! Colorado and her 2009 calf were the 2nd mom/calf humpback pair of the season!! 2009 is a season that I will never forget!!

Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊