Hey everyone, what a gorgeous day we had on the water! Our morning trip we spent in Head Harbour Passage with 3 minke whales, got some great looks….we even got to see the white bands on the pectoral flippers, affectionately referred to as “minke mittens”.

Our afternoon departure took us up the Campobello shoreline pass Nancy’s Head into the Grand Manan Channel as we followed a finback whale. The series of photos below show a terminal dive, the last dive in a series of shallower dives.

This morning I did a short interview with Chris Corday from CBC regarding Quoddy Link’s contribution to Art MacKay’s blog I love Quoddy WILD!. Below is a photo of all 3 of us in front of the Quoddy Link. It’s great to be a part of I Love Quoddy WILD, and share our sightings with the readers.

Hopefully the nice weather continues tomorrow!

Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊