Hey everyone, I have some news to report on the 2009 Humpback Whale Naming Event. The past few weeks we have been working on giving some great names to some young whales. The whales involved in this round of naming are previously sighted calves, which simply means that these whales were seen with their moms and then seen again on the feeding grounds, on their own, at least a year later. The first name I want to tell you about is Six’s 2007 calf that I photographed on September 19th, the first time this young whale was seen without its mom. This young whales new name is Pike (named for “The black line looks like a spear. A pike weapon is similar to a spear”.

Also, 3 of my suggested names were selected for some young whales in the Gulf of Maine (not seen in the Bay of Fundy)

This young whale is Reaper’s 2007 calf and is now named Longboard (On the right fluke, towards the tip, there is a black mark that looks like a skateboard going down a hill. A longboard is just longe than a skateboard and has softer wheels)

This is Palette’s 2007 calf and is now named Marionette (On the LF hanging down from the trailing edge it looks like the leg from a marionette puppet)

And this young whale is the 2007 calf of Filament and is now named Marsh (For the tallgrass on the right fluke)

There will be some voting going on for the next 2 days and I have 3 other names that are currently leading! So far, for the 2009 naming I have named 9 whales. Yeah, I’m excited. I will keep you posted.

Cheers and thanks for checking in today.

Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊