Hello everyone, it’s Danielle with Quoddy Link rested after a day off! We had quite a bit of wind here on the Bay of Fundy today so most of the boats stayed in the harbour. The past few days have been great though, despite the fog and rain. We have been seeing many finback whales right up Head Harbour Passage, between Deer Island and Campobello Island. Yesterday morning we had an incredible sighting of the young fin whale calf as “she” travelled so close to the boat we could actually see her eye from the upper deck of the Quoddy Link. I didn’t have my camera around my neck due to the misty weather but I’m very happy I could just watch with my eyes. I try and make an effort not to take my camera out some trips so I can just take in what I see and not watch everything through the view finder of my Nikon! On the afternoon trip patience was required as the fog moved in and out more than once but with some great fin whale sightings John decided to take us further offshore towards Grand Manan to see if we could find a humpback whale and as you can see from the photos we did! We spent about 30 minutes with Cork, a 6 year old female humpback, before we had to start making our way back to St. Andrews. The rest of the wildlife sightings are still incredible, so many porpoise and birds in Head Harbour Passage as well an both adult and juvenile bald eagles. We are running whale watching trips until at least October 12th so if you are in the area come out on the Bay of Fundy and experience our world with Quoddy Link Marine.

Thanks for checking in today. Cheers!

Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊