Hi everyone, what an amazing trip we had today. We had finback whales on all three departures but our 10:00 am trip I will remember as one of my best fin whale sightings in all my years with Quoddy Link. As we arrived out on the grounds where the whales have been feeding there was a lot of boat traffic and the whales were staying down about 5-8 minutes between dives and making some big moves so John, our captain and owner decided to flip the trip around a little. Usually we spend time with whales first and then visit with seals, bald eagles, and usually stop by a herring weir and a salmon farm but this morning we did everything backwards, allowing the tide to flood and some of the boat traffic to clear out…..and are we ever glad we did! With the Bay of Fundy so flat it felt like a pond, we had 7 finback whales, including the cow and calf pair (top photo below), feeding very closely together and surfacing right close to our boat. The picture on the left you can easily see that lower right, white jaw.

On this photo below not the single ridge on the rostrum and the lower right jaw.
These two photos are off a pair that was in a loose association and feeding together for about 30 minutes.

These two pictures so how close the fin whale surfaced on our stern…..I left one of our passengers heads in the photo for reference! I was on top of John’s wheelhouse in utter amazement.

Thanks so much for checking in today. They are calling for calm seas and some rain for the next few days….I’ll be happy with anything but fog!

Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊