Good Evening all, it’s Danielle back from another day out on a hazy Bay of Fundy. We have been having some great sightings the past few days with finback and minke whales. At times it can be challenging but patience usually pays off! It just reminds us that nature does her own thing and the whales are on nobodies schedules but their own.

Below are the 2 finback whales we saw today, note the difference in the shape of their dorsal fins.
This is a video I shot on our 10:00 am departure of a finback whale off Bliss Island. You can see the blaze (white, brush-like mark coming up from the lower right jaw and extending behind the blowhole) and the chevrons (V-shaped markings behind the blaze). Researchers use these markings to help ID the individual whales as they are as unique as our fingerprints.

Thanks for checking in today and check back often for more Bay of Fundy sightings with Quoddy Link Marine!

Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊