Hello everyone, it’s Danielle with another update from Quoddy Link Marine. We had a great trip today, and nice to get it in before we get some serious fall winds over the next few days. With the help of Matt on our Scout Boat (left) we made our way out to South Wolf where we found Mustache (below). Mustache is a juvenile male humpback we have been watching for 2 years now. After spending some time with him we made our way about 3 miles, towards Grand Manan, where Matt had found us another humpback whale. This time it was Arrowhead, an adult male first sighted in 1976! After spending some time with him we started to make our way back to St. Andrews but we did make time to stop with a minke whale, a bald eagle and some harbour seals on our way!!

Below is a video of Arrowhead Melanie, one of our naturalists, took yesterday.

Thanks for checking in today! The season isn’t over yet so keep checking for more updates.

Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊