Hello everyone, it’s Danielle with Quoddy Link Marine back from a little vacation of my own. The whale sightings have continued to be fantastic even with some windy conditions. We have had many finback whales that have remained “inshore”, where we are protected from the rough offshore conditions. Due to the weather offshore we have not been able to go out and search for humpback whales for the past 5 days.

Below are three different finback whales we saw today. Have a look at the shape of their dorsal fins, the fin on their back. Each dorsal fin has a unique shape.

The photo below shows some other unique markings that each finback whale has, a “blaze” and “chevrons”. The blaze is a white brush-like stroke that extends from the lower right jaw (which is also white, the lower left jaw is the same colour as the back, a coppery-brown) and continues behind the blowhole. The chevrons are V-shaped markings behind the blaze. These markings are unique for each finback can help researchers ID individual whales.

Some harbour seals I photographed on Saturday morning on Splitting Knife, a common haul-out site for seals.

Thanks so much for checking in with us and keep checking back often for more updates.

Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊