Hello there, it’s Danielle with Quoddy Link Marine. Well, the past few days have brought a lot of wind and a lot of rain but some great whale sightings. Yesterday we had quite a bit of rain but on our 2 departures we had fantastic fin whale sightings.
Today started off with a strong northwest wind and on our morning and afternoon trips we stayed closer to home with both finback and minke whales. The photo above you can see the characteristic blow of a finback whale, tall and straight.

At 5:30 the winds had almost completely dropped out and the tide was on the flood so John, our captain and owner, decided to make the run offshore in search of humpback whales. When we arrived we found Cork, a 5-year old female humpback as well as 5-6 finback whales.

We spent some time with Cork while she was lunge feeding, coming to the surface with her mouth closing, water pouring out between her baleen plates and her ventral grooves were fully extended. It was awesome! The photo below was one of her surfaces very close to the boat, you can see the water pouring out of the side of her mouth. Thanks so much for checking in with us today. It looks like the weather should be great tomorrow. Come down to St. Andrews and experience the Bay of Fundy….Catamaran Style.

Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊