Hello everyone….well, today was a long day, the fog always seems to make our job challenging. Our morning trip was a 2 hour charter, and because of time restrictions we didn’t do a lot of searching for whales but were very pleased to see a co-operative minke whale around Cherry Island. Below are some photos I took on our morning departure of harbour seals on the reefs surrounding Casco Bay Island. Harbour seals are easy to distinguish from grey seals, the other phocid species commonly seen in the Bay, because of their dog-like shaped head. Our afternoon trip may have been frustrating but it showed that above all, patience and persistence can pay off! We left St. Andrews with a clear harbour and the shores of Maine clearly visible. We made our way through the islands towards the mouth of Head Harbour Passage in search of whales….and search we did. With the help of our Scout Boat we search for over 1 hour and 45 minutes amongst the islands and up the shoreline of Campobello (the offshore fog and wind didn’t allow us to stick our nose out too far). Just as we were about to call it a day the fog pushed back just enough for us to see Whitehorse Island, and as John, our captain and owner, decided to check out our new visibility he saw a blow….a finback whale! After a few good looks the finback disappeared back into the fog. On our afternoon trip we did get to see a lot of bird life, including; immature and mature northern gannets, greater and sooty shearwaters, black guillemots, Boneparts gulls and of course the majestic bald eagle.

Thanks for checking in today, the weather forecast is for the fog to lift by morning….I work tomorrow and I will keep you posted.

Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊