Hello everyone, it’s Danielle with Quoddy Link Marine back from a long but great day on the water. Our morning departure took us offshore where John, on our Scout Boat today, had 2 humpback whales! When we arrived I was very pleased to see Hobo and Cork, 2 whales I have become very familiar with over the past 3 years. On our way back to St. Andrews we were able to spend some time with a finback whale.

Cork, a 5 year-old female humpback whale.


Our afternoon trip took us all the way out to Whale Cove, Grand Manan where our passengers were delighted to see 5 finback whales. Below you can see a photo I took today of 2 travelling side-by-side. We had some very close encounters that really gave our guests an idea of how large these amazing animals really are.
On our way back to St. Andrews we had the most amazing bald eagle viewing I have seen in my 6 years with the company. Below you can see an adult bald eagle (top) and a juvenile flying (below). It looked like this was a very early flight, if not possibly the first flight for this youngster. The adult, what we guessed to be either the Mother or Father, was consistently chirping and screeching at the young bald eagle (or at us!). It was obvious that the immature eagle was still learning how to use his wings, the flying would not have been described as “graceful”. It was absolutely amazing to see.
Our 5:30 departure took us back offshore (for the third time today) where we spent about an hour with Cork, one of our humpback whales from our morning trip. It may have been a little rough (our passengers were great) and the Fundy fog was rolling in but the sightings were incredible. She continued to surface very close, giving our guests clear views of her long, white pectoral flippers and even though she never raised her tail this evening it was still a fantastic sighting.Well, it’s time for me to sign off for tonight. Thanks for checking in with Quoddy Link and thanks to John on our Scout Boat, our sightings today wouldn’t have possible without his help. Check back soon for more updates.