Hi there, it’s Danielle again, with Quoddy Link Marine. We had a great day whale watching again. Our morning trip took us to the Grand Manan Channel, the traditional ebb tide feeding ground for humpbacks in the fall. When we arrived we were very pleased to see 3 humpbacks; Parachute, Cork, and an unknown humpback we have been seeing in September. Sightings were great and our passengers were very happy.

Our afternoon trip took us out to the flood tide feeding grounds where we found Parachute. With about 10 knots of easterly wind it was a little choppy but our hearty passengers were great and were treated to multiple tail lobs from Parachute, another great fall trip.

Also, on our trips today we saw minke whales, a 30-foot baleen whale, in amongst the islands. We also saw many seals and fantastic bald eagles. Keep checking in for more fall updates!


The “Unknown”

Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊