This evening’s trip was an experience of a life time. We arrived just NE of Eastern Wolf and got some nice looks and spent some time with Quarternote and Parachute. After about 40 minutes both whales were traveling together and they came towards the boat, making close passes, circling us and spyhopping (taking their heads out of the water). I spend my days from June-October watching whales and being curious about them and tonight, to have that curiosity obviously returned was absolutely incredible. I want to mention that close encounters like this is rare. Below you can see some photographs from our 5:30 trip.

Above you can see Parachute closer to the boat. Note the long, white pectoral flippers and you can also see barnacles around the chin of Parachute.

Here you can see a spyhop. Note the barnacles and the ventral grooves (pleats than run down the belly side in rorqual whales to allow expansion while feeding).

Above Quarternote is closer to the boat (notice the square dorsal fin).
A very close encounter with Parachute. Quarternote is on the other side of “him”.I always say my job is a privledge, to be able to spend the amount of time I do with whales, and tonight was an experience I will remember for the rest of my life.