The past 2 days have come with some weary forecasts but we have managed to get some great trips in. On Saturday, August 19th, on the 10:00 am trip we made our way north-east of Eastern Wolf and found 4 humpback whales in a hole in the fog: Parachute (image on the left), Hobo, and 2 yet to be identified. The afternoon and evening trip we remained in the shelter of Campobello Island and watched minke and finback whales.

The forecast today was for strong easterly winds and thunder storms, neither of which materialized. We spent our 10:00 am and 2:00 pm trip off Eastern Wolf with 2 humpbacks yet to be identified in the morning and Hobo and Parachute in the afternoon.

I’ll keep you posted on the identity of the unknown humpbacks, stay tuned.