Another day with good visibility and amazing whales. Our morning trip took us out into the open Bay of Fundy, west of the Wolves Bank. With the help of our scout boat we were able to spend some more time with Hobo, a humpback we had seen yesterday. And again today, at the change of the tide, Hobo became very active with full and partial breaches. This behaviour is a special sight and certainly isn’t seen on every departure, we have just had 2 very special trips. On our afternoon trip we were surprised to find a pair of humpbacks, Cork and Parachute, traveling together at the mouth of Head Harbour Passage. It is very rare to see humpbacks this far inshore. On our evening trip we followed that pair out to the Wolves, where humpbacks are more commonly seen. Hopefully the season continues like this, keep checking for more updates.

Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊