NO FOG!!! The first day in many weeks with NO FOG. We had unlimited visibility and could see the Wolves and Grand Manan. With light northerly winds and a bright sun we had 3 great trips on the water. The morning trip we had 4 individual finbacks, 3 coming together at one point surfacing at the same time.
On the afternoon and evening trips we were just past Blacks Harbour and had great looks at a pair of finback whales. Here you can see the blaze and chevron of a finback whale. These markings are used to help ID individuals.

Here you can see some scars on the left side of this finback whale. These marks can also be used to help ID individual whales.

Our scout boat here with passengers had a close encounter with a finback whale. You can see the “blow” here, the whales breath that isn’t really a spout of water but simply hot air and with a little sea water that was on their nostrils when the whale surfaced.

You can see the size of the finback compared to our 22 foot scout boat. Our scout boat will go out on some mornings to “scout” for whales and we can take a few passengers for a personal trip, and then they join the Quoddy Link to warm up and take the return trip home through the islands.

The forecast is good again tomorrow, I’m keeping my fingers crossed and I will keep you posted.

Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊