Hi there, it’s Danielle, senior naturalist and photographer with Quoddy Linke Marine. Well, the fog still looms offshore but we had 2 days of great inshore trips with atleast 4 different minke whales. Here you can see 2 individual minkes, notice the difference in the shape of their dorsal fins, the fins on their backs.
Both of these whales were photographed in Head Harbour Passage, between Campobello and Deer Island.

The minke whales have been SO GOOD to us, my personal favorite whale, I just have to root for the “underdog”. They have saved the day more than once. A highly under-rated whale, minkes may be a smaller whale (if you consider 30 feet and 20,000 lbs small) but they are a special part of the wildlife found here in the Fundy Isles. No matter how much I love minke whales I am still hoping the fog will disappear soon so we can head offshore in search of finbacks and humpbacks.

Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊