What a great start to our 2024 season and a brilliant start to July.  We continue to see minke whales on almost every departure (there were a few trips where we didn’t see any whales but they certainly seem more consistent the past few days), lots of seals and more porpoise are around.

Yesterday we made our first trip out to the Wolves Bank and we found TWO humpbacks and today we found our FIRST finback of the season and our FIRST basking sharks of the season!!  The past 2 days we have also encountered 2 very curious minkes!

minke rostrum including some HAIR/whiskers, I circled them – Image by DDion

fin whale – Image by DDion

humpback dorsal – Image by DDion

humpback fluke – Image by DDion

humpback – Image by DDion

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Quoddy Link Marine
Bay of Fundy
St. Andrews, NB

Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊