Hello everyone,

Our season keeps moving along, not sure how it is already 2 weeks from Labour Day!  The weather continues to be up and down but that seems to be the story for 2023, so we all really embrace the beautiful clear weather when we have it!

We have been spending time with minkes, finbacks and humpbacks on our departures, and every trip is different, there is no co-relation to time-of-day and whale sightings (such a common question we get asked).

Here are some minke sightings from the week

And fin whale sightings

finback with unique square notch

finback on a calm day

And humpbacks

humpback fluke

juvenile humpback

juvenile humpback

humpback dorsal fin

juvenile humpback

And of course seals, we always try and make the time to stop with seals

male and female grey seal

Thank You to everyone who has joined us aboard the Quoddy Link, keep an eye on our Facebook page for daily updates,

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Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊