Good evening everyone,

We have had some wonderful trips out the past week with minkes and fin whales and even had our first HUMPBACK sighting of 2022.  The whale was in an area we wouldn’t necessarily expect to see humpbacks but the food is certainly shifting and I have learned that every season is different and to expect the unexpected.   There have been lots of porpoise in the area and as always we make the time to stop with seals on every departure (we all love seeing the seals)

Here are some images from the past week.

minke off Casco Bay Island – image by CNeufeld

grey and harbour seals – image by DDion

bald eagle – image by DDion

bald eagle – image by DDion

father/chick razorbill pair – image by DDion

gulls and razorbills feeding on a bait ball (herring) and check out the harbour porpoise – image by CNeufeld

male grey seal – image by DDion

first humpback of our 2022 season – image by DDion

finback off Deer Island Point, NB – image by DDion

finback in Head Harbour Passage – image by DDion

Thank You for checking in, if you are interested in making a reservation I would look at booking at least a week out if you are interested in the 10am or 1:30pm departures.

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