Saturday July 16, 2022
10am: This morning we headed out and stopped with seals at Mohawk and started to make our way towards Whitehorse and Captain Mat quickly picked up a minke whale off Adams. We got great looks and while we were watching the minke we could see 2 separate finbacks blowing past Whitehorse. We spent some time and documented 3 individual finbacks between Bliss and White Island. We saw lots of porpoise and murres as well this morning. What a great calm morning on the water.
1:30pm: This afternoon we crossed Passamaquoddy Bay and stopped with seals at Black Ledge. While we were watching seals Captain Mat picked up 2 finbacks blowing off Bliss so we made our way towards the traditional flood tide feeding ground and spent time with one finback. The wind had picked up so after we got some great looks at the active fin whale we made our way over to Head Harbour Passage where we found a minke and another finback! We also saw groups of harbour porpoise and rafts of razorbills and murres. Another great trip out of St. Andrews.
5pm: This even they spent time with 2 finbacks off Head Harbour Light, seals at Black Ledge and lots of big grey seals at Black Rock, and lots of porpoise and seabirds around the northern end of Campobello. Thanks to Claire for the evening update.

minke whale – image by DDIon

finback – image by DDIon

fin whale and our friends at Fundy Tide Runners – image by DDIon

finback and a harbour porpoise, this fin whale was injured by a small boat in 2019 causing lacerations and prop scars on the dorsal fin but it appears the whale healed wonderfully – image by DDIon

common murres – image by DDIon

Thank you to all of our passengers who joined us today on the water.
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