Hello everyone, Danielle here with Quoddy Link Marine

We have had some wonderful whale whale watching over the past week with minke whales which have been very consistent in Head Harbour Passage and finback whales which have been much less consistent but we are still seeing them , just requires a little more patience.  The numbers of harbour porpoise have really increased over the past few days and we are seeing both harbour and grey seals on all departures.  For our birders we are seeing razorbills and murres in Head Harbour and we have started seeing a few Northern gannets as well.

Here are some images from the past week

Fin whale – Image by CNeufeld

minke – image by DDion

harbour porpoise – image by DDion

minke- image by DDion

Thank You to all of our passengers who joined us aboard the catamaran.  For information and reservations please call our office at 506-529-2600,

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