Thursday July 7, 2022
10am: What a wonderful trip this morning. We started with harbour and grey seals at Black Ledge then made our way out towards Whitehorse and we picked up 3 minke whales including a very young whale (~ 10 feet). Two of the whales were swimming quite close, not side-by-side but there definitely appeared to be interacting. We saw another minke a little further out towards the Wolves and started to make our way in that direction and Claire picked up a whale, a long back barely breaking the surface and with some patience we picked up the first FINBACK of the season! We got a great look at the finback before we had to make our way back to St. Andrews spotting lots on porpoise on the way.


two minkes in one image, that’s a rare shot!

first finback of 2022

1:30pm: This afternoon we headed out, stopped with seals then made our way towards Head Harbour Passage where we picked up 2 minke whales. We got some great looks at both whales and we had porpoise all around. We passed Head Harbour Light then made our way around Whitehorse to have a look for the fin whale we saw this morning. We were unable to pick up that fin whale and we made our way back to St. Andrews.
Thank You to all of our passengers who joined us today aboard the catamaran.
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Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊