July 1, 2022
10am & 1:30pm
What a lovely day for my first day back on the water for the 2022 season. We had multiple minke whales this morning on the flood tide inclduing Breadknife, a whale I have been watching each season since 2002 and a very co-operative minke off Head Harbour Light in the afternoon. We had many harbour seals at Black Ledge on both trips, some grey seals in the morning at Black Ledge and some at Black Rock in the afternoon. Lots of porpoise on both trips, as always you have to keep your eyes on the water to see them well. And this afternoon we had great sightings of a pair of bald eagles on Campobello Island and a single adult bald eagle on the green marker at Black Rock.

harbour seals – image by R. Sauk

minke – image by R. Sauk

harbour porpoise – image by R. Sauk

minke, Breadknife – image by R. Sauk

It was a great day on the water. Just a friendly reminder, just cause the temperature warms up on land during the day doesn’t mean it will be warmer on the water! This afternoon was significantly colder than the morning trip as the wind picked up from the SSW so bring warm layers, even when it’s really warm on shore!
Thank You to everyone who joined us today aboard the Quoddy Link,
If you are looking for availability in the next week it would be best to call the office for information as we are filling up very quickly but may have what you are looking for, 506-529-2600
PS…Boat Hair…Don’t Care
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