Good evening everyone,

Not quite sure how it is already the  middle of September.  We are still seeing whales on every trip, minke whales.  We have been taking the time and effort to search further offshore when the weather allows but we have not found any larger whales out by the Wolves or beyond.

The minke whale sightings continue to be great, lots of harbour porpoise and seals and bald eagles.  Wildlife is starting to shift into the fall, we are noticing seals shifting their haul out locations and more bald eagles showing up along the Campobello shoreline.

Here are some images from the past week

Mola mola, an ocean sunfish, we spotted in Head Harbour Passage. A common fish (the largest bony fish in the world) to Fundy but always a special sight – Image by DDion

a large male grey seal at Black Rock – Image by DDion

minke whale in flat calm waters – Image by DDion

watching seals at Black Ledge, we have been seeing fewer seals at this haul site which is common for the fall. But there have also been reports of white sharks in the area, which are predators of seals – Image by DDion

minke whale in Head Harbour Passage – Image by DDion

pair of bald eagles on the navigational marker on Black Rock – Image by DDion

razorbill just hanging on to the breeding plumage, most are already in their winter coats – Image by DDion

Thanks for checking in, we will be running daily whale watches until October 17th.  For information and reservations please call our office at 506-526-2600/1-877-688-2600.  And check out and LIKE our Facebook page for daily updates and many more images.

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