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We have been having some wonderful sightings over the past few days, even with the fog.  On August 10th we had a very special sighting of a North Atlantic right whale that has been IDed as the 2020 calf of #2642, Echo.  Thank You to the right whale research team at the Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life at the NEAq for the right whale ID.   And on our evening trip on August 13th we were able to head offshore and spend time with a finback and a humpback and I was able to ID the humpback as Fundy.  We have been seeing minke whales on every departure as well as seals, bald eagles, seabirds and incredible scenery, even with the fog!

harbour seals – image by Danielle

Slice, minke – image by Danielle

humpback, Fundy – Image by Rika

North Atlantic right whale, the 2020 calf of #2642, Echo – Image by Rika 

Finback whale – Image by Rika

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