Good evening everyone, here are some updates from the past few days

Sunday August 1, 2021
10am: This morning we took advantage of the calm seas and made a run offshore to search for larger whales. While we didn’t find any whales we did see signs of food with lots of feeding seabirds including great shearwaters, storm petrels and phalaropes. We made our way back into the Islands and picked up 2 minkes; one off Head Harbour and one off Tinkers. We stopped with seals and a bald eagle before returning our passengers to St. Andrews.
1:30pm: This afternoon we found 2 minkes in Passamaquoddy Bay close to the entrance to L’etete Passage. We got some great views then headed out to look at seals on Black Ledge and work our way into Head Habour Passage. We found 3 minkes in Head Harbour and lots of feeding gulls and porpoise. We stopped at Whitehorse Island to check out some bald eagles then made our way back to the harbour of St. Andrews
5pm: This evening we headed out and started with seals. We then went towards the lighthouse and found lots of birds and porpoise feeding. Captain Mat quickly spotted a minke, which we watched for awhile getting some really close looks. We did a 360 degree tour of the head harbour lighthouse as it was high tide and then after another look at some porpoise headed back towards St. Andrews. Thank you Claire for the update

bald eagle

Monday August 2, 2021
Happy New Brunswick Day
10am: This morning we headed out into some light rain. We spent time with seals on Black Ledge to start off then quickly found a minke off Nubble. We got some great looks before we made our way to Head Harbour Passage where we found another 2 minkes off the the Light and 2 more minkes off Casco Bay Island. We had bald eagles soaring around the Islands as well as 2 adults sitting on the Spectacles. The sun greeted us as we returned to St. Andrews.
1:30pm: This afternoon we headed out and stopped with harbour and grey seals on Black Ledge then went to check out two bald eagles sitting on the cliff side of Whitehorse Island (all the birds have fledged and left). We puttered around for a bit looking at great shearwaters and Northern gannets before heading into the islands in search of a minke whale. We found two minke whales to spend time with. We also had a few great looks at harbour porpoise before returning our passengers to Saint Andrews. Thank You Rika for the update.
5pm: This evening we got word of a humpback sighting off the Wolves so we headed out to the Bank. The humpback was there but by the time we got out the whale had disappeared (it certainly happens) but there was a minke whale in the area and with the help of fellow whale watchers out of St. Andrews we got some wonderful looks. There were also lots of great shearwaters and porpoise offshore. Just as we were about to head back to St. Andrews our friends on the Nautica called and they had relocated the humpback off South Wolf. We headed over and got a few great looks and I was able to quickly ID Chevron. We made our way back to St. Andrews just as the sun was setting. A beautiful evening.

great shearwater

humpback, Chevron off the Wolves

Tuesday August 3, 2021
10am: This morning we stopped with seals at Black Ledge and quickly picked up a local favourite minke whale, Slice, off Parker Island. We got some great looks at Slice before heading over to Whitehorse Island to look at an eagle. Next we saw 3 more minkes in Head Harbour Passage and another eagle on Spruce Island. We saw lots of harbour porpoise as well before it was time to head back to St. Andrews.
1:30pm: This afternoon we picked up two minke whales, including Slice, very quickly. We got great looks at the minkes before heading over to Black Ledge to look at harbour and grey seals. We then headed out. The wind had picked up and we had some bumpy looks at another couple minke whales, saw Head Harbour Lighthouse, and then brought our passengers back to Saint Andrews through Western Passage.
5pm: This evening we started out with harbour and grey seals on Black Ledge. One of the harbour seals had a pretty big wound that looks very much like a bite mark, clear evidence of large shark activity in our waters! There was an adult bald eagle on the yellow navigation marker and another bald eagle on Black Ledge. The second eagle was having dinner! We then headed out and found a couple of minke whales in Head Harbour Passage. The whales were moving around a lot and were not easy to watch but the harbour porpoise nearby completely stole the show! They were jumping and moving quickly; being very very active. There were razorbills and herring gulls around as well. We stopped briefly in the Old Sow Whirlpool before returning our passengers to Saint Andrews.
Thank You to Rika for the afternoon and evening updates


male grey seals at Black Rock

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