Hello everyone, here are some sightings from the past few days,
Thursday July 15, 2021
10am: It was a very foggy trip this morning but we started with some seals and then picked up at least 2 minke whales. We had some good looks but always a little tricker to keep track of them in the fog. We also saw a couple lions manes jelly fish, tons of herring jumping and porpoise. As we checked out the lighthouse on Campobello the fog started to clear so we got to see more of the islands on the way home.
1:30 pm: The fog continued to lift during the afternoon trip. We had a lovely trip with lots of porpoise and seabirds to see. As the tide was rising, we kept seeing seals pop up near the boat. We had great looks at a minke whale before we made our way back to the harbour
Thank you Claire for the updates today
Friday July 16, 2021
10am: This morning started out as a great example of how foggy our Bay of Fundy can get. We stopped to see the seals through the fog and then headed out in search of whales. We watched the fog lift very quickly as we neared Campobello Island and Captain Mat was able to quickly pick up two minke whales! We got GREAT looks at one of the minkes who swam very close and even showed us their baleen! There were lots of porpoise groups around as well as razorbill, guillemots, murres, herring gulls and great black backed gulls. We saw Head Harbour Lighthouse up close and got to see a bald eagle sitting on a marker.
Thank You to Rika for the updates this morning
1:30pm: The fog stayed away for a nice sunny afternoon on the Bay. We headed out and started with some seals, there was so many harbour seals there too! We picked up a minke on our way the the lighthouse and got a fantastic look as it looked for food. We then watched porpoises swimming around stirring up the fish for the birds. All ways so much fun to watch the little porpoises! As we headed home we saw Breadknife, a local favourite minke whale before going home through the Old Sow, the largest tidal whirlpool in the Western Hemisphere.
Thank You to Claire for the afternoon update
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