Wednesday July 7, 2021
10am: This morning was very sunny. We stopped at Black Ledge to look at harbour and grey seals on our way out. There was also a bald eagle adult on the marker at Black Ledge. We headed over to view Head Harbour Lighthouse and we picked up a minke whale. It took a bit of patience to watch the whale as a large cargo vessel came through the passage however we were able to get great looks! Some of us got to glimpse some jumping tuna at a distance. We swung by Whitehorse Island before returning our passengers to Saint Andrews. For seabirds this morning we had great black backed gulls, herring gulls, guillemots, razorbills, and cormorants.
1:30pm: This afternoon we headed away from the heat in Saint Andrews and went out to cool ourselves down with the Bay of Fundy “air conditioning”. We stopped with harbour and grey seals on Black Ledge. The tide was still high but dropping and there were a few seals on the ledges but many more in the water. We picked up an adult bald eagle on the yellow navigational marker and then very quickly picked up a minke whale. It was the same minke from the morning and a few of our passengers were treated to a lunge feed by the minke. We also floated around with our engines off and the minke whale swam close enough to us that we could see the minke’s mittens (white bands on the pectoral flippers) from all decks! We got to hear them breathing as well. What a treat! There were many harbour porpoise in the area near East Quoddy Lighthouse, including a few mom and calf pairs! We checked out Whitehorse Island’s birds before returning our passengers to Saint Andrews.
Thank you to Rika for sharing her reports today

Head Harbour Passage – Image by Rika

large cargo vessel – Image by Rika

Greens Point Light – Image by Rika

razorbill – Image by Rika

Head Harbour Light at the northern end of Campobello Island – Image by Rika

nesting herring gull on Whitehorse Island – Image by Rika

minke – Image by Rika

harbour seals – Image by Rika

bald eagle – Image by Rika

bald eagle – Image by Rika

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