Tuesday July 6, 2021
10am: This morning we headed out into the fog and were able to find a minke whale in the Old Sow (the largest tidal whirlpool in the Western hemisphere, it’s off the southern tip of Deer Island). We had lots of good looks at the minke whale and some porpoises before heading towards Head Harbour Light at the northern end of Campobello Island. There we were able to watch an eagle fish and some gulls chase it off. We finished by looking at some seals before heading for St. Andrews.
1:30pm: This afternoon the fog was still hanging on as we left the wharf. We watched some seals through the fog and then found not one but three minke whales amongst the islands. We recognized 2 of the 3 minkes, as Breadknife and our good friend Slice! The fog just started to lift as we headed home for the evening.
Another good day on the bay!
THANK YOU to Claire for the updates today!
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Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊