Sunday July 4, 2021
Something we always try and do is be honest with you, our future and past guests on the Quoddy Link. Some days it can be quite easy to find whales and other days it can be difficult, and no matter how hard we try we just can’t find a whale. And that is part of watching WILDlife and I will never hide that from you…I will always share the great days and the frustrating ones…and today was a frustrating one but we made the best of it….
This afternoon was cold but we headed out with a group of hardy and prepared passengers! We had a bit of a bumpy trip across Passamquoddy Bay but after we went through Little Letete Passage, the winds settled down and the rain and fog moved in. We got to see bald eagles, harbour porpoise, harbour seals, grey seals, and lots of the water of Head Harbour Passage. We stayed inside the islands and searched hard for a whale. Unfortunately we were not successful in finding a whale this afternoon, but we did our best. We saw East Quoddy Lighthouse, Bliss Island Lighthouse, and Greens Point Lighthouse. We saw cormorants, razorbills, and guillemots in the water, and great black back gulls, herring gulls, and some fluffy baby gull chicks on Whitehorse Island before we had to make our way back to St. Andrews.
Thank You to Rika for sharing,

seals on a small reef – image by Rika

seals hauled out on a much larger reef at low tide – image by Rika

bald eagle on a navigational marker – image by Rika

Foggy Fundy Isles – image by Rika

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