Good evening everyone,

This afternoon we had our first FINBACK WHALES of the season, with 2 individuals off Head Harbour Light on the northern end of Campobello Island.  We have had a few trips this past week where the whales have proven difficult to find and much patience and vigilance was required…it’s always a friendly reminder that wildlife is WILD and you never know what your trip could bring.  We have had plenty sightings of harbour and grey seals, harbour porpoise, lots of seabirds and bald eagles as well as minke whales.

Here are some images from Rika from the past few days

harbour and grey seals in the evening light – image by Rika

minke whale amongst some lobster gear – image by Rika

stormy weather can make for some dramatic photography – image by Rika

fog comes in and out so quickly in Fundy – image by Rika

grey seals – image by Rika

the gulls of Whitehorse Island – image by Rika

herring weir in decent shape off Campobello Island – image by Rika

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