Monday June 21, 2021
This afternoon we headed out through Little Letete Passage. We got glimpses of harbour porpoise, saw guillemots, and looked at harbour and grey seals on Black Ledge. Then we went in search of whales. It took us a bit of searching but we picked up two minke whales in Head Harbour Passage! One of the minke whales gave us great looks when it surprised us by surfacing near the boat. We could clearly hear the whale breathing. One of the whales turned out to be Breadknife, one of our locally favourite minkes! What a beautiful day!
THANK YOU to Rika for updates today!
And on a personal note, Breadknife is a very special whale for me. I have spent time with Breadknife every season since I started with Quoddy Link in 2002.

seals at low tide at Black Ledge – Image by Rika

I just love the expression on the female grey seal in the front – Image by Rika

black guillemot, a relative of the puffin and easy to ID by the white flashes of the wing patches and the bright red feet – Image by Rika

minke whale in Head Harbour Passage – Image by Rika

characteristic bow wave created by the rostrum of a minke whale – Image by Rika

minke whale – Image by Rika

Check back soon for more updates,
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