Wednesday September 9, 2020

10am: Cancelled due to weather/fog

2pm: This afternoon we headed out expecting some fog but the fog had rolled back and we had pretty great visibility. We stopped with seals on Black Ledge then headed out offshore. We got some really really great looks at humpback whale Chevron. She was diving quite a bit and seemed to be actively feeding. Captain John saw a pair of finbacks blowing off in the distance so we wandered over to watch them for a bit. We stopped with Chevron again on the way back in and got to see a couple lunge feeds!! Wow! We had harbour porpoise, shearwaters, and gulls as well.

humpback – image by Rika

humpback, Chevron – image by Rika

great shearwater – image by Rika

fin whale – image by Rika

fin whale – image by Rika

fin whale with Swallowtail Light and Grand Manan in the background – image by Rika

jaeger – image by Rika

Thank You to Rika for the updates today!
Danielle 🐳🐳

Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊