Monday September 7, 2020

10am: It was foggy this morning so, after a stop with harbour and grey seals at Black Ledge, we headed offshore hoping the fog was less thick out there. It was! We found a humpback, Chevron out there! We also saw harbour porpoise, grey seals, sooty and greater shearwaters, herring and black backed gulls, diving gannets, and a great sighting of a jaeger (most likely a pomerine jaeger, thank you to Tracey from the Huntsman and Durlan from Sea Watch Tours for the help with the jaeger species ID)!

2pm: This afternoon they headed back offshore and spent time with a finback whale and a humpback, Chevron. They also saw porpoise, seals and many seabirds including a puffin!

jaeger with a group of great shearwaters – image by Rika

great shearwater – image by Rika

humpback – image by Rika

humpback, Chevron – image by Rika

humpback – image by Rika

the underside of the flukes of Chevron showing the unique black and white pigmentation – image by Rika

Atlantic puffin – image by Rika

Thanks to Rika for the updates today and to all of our passengers who joined us. Just a reminder we have added evening trips at 5:15pm next weekend due to the demand.
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Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊