Thursday September 3, 2020
10am: We started with a very foggy morning. There were lots of grey and harbour seals, diving gannets, great shearwaters, sooty Shearwaters, razorbills, hundreds of Bonapartes gulls and arctic terns. We visited Head Harbour Lighthouse and checked out an herring weir. The island, the fog horns and SO many porpoise were all incredible but unfortunately we were unable to find any whales. Sometimes wildlife is just too….well….wild and the Bay of Fundy Fog has a mind of its own.
1:30pm: This afternoon, we headed right off towards Campobello, where we picked up 2 minkes right off Head Harbour Light. After getting some good looks at the whales, some feeding porpoises and Northern gannets, we headed into the passage. After finding some gray seals near Casco Bay Island, we picked up another minke and before heading back to St. Andrews we stopped with 5 eagles on Hardwood Island.
5pm: This evening we headed out in search of whales. We found several small groups of harbour porpoise and a minke whale showed up while we watched those. Then we headed up into Head Harbour Passage to look at some harbour and grey seals and picked up a second minke. We got to see some razorbills, guillemots, and Bonaparte’s gulls as well. The fog started to close back in so we returned our passengers to St Andrews.

Head Harbour Light at the northern end of Campobello Island – image by Rika

the fog laying on the water – image by Rika

Northern gannet – image by Rika

sooty shearwater – image by Rika

the fog now laying above the water – image by Rika

as frustrating as the fog can be it can certainly create some beautiful scenery – image by Rika

Thank you to Rika and Dani for the updates and to our passengers who joined is aboard the Quoddy Link,
Check back in tomorrow for more whale and wildlife sightings,
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Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊