Tuesday September 1, 2020
10am: This morning, we started our trip with harbour and gray seals off of Black Ledge. We did some searching off of Bliss Island, but didn’t pick anything up so we headed over to Head Harbour. In the passage, we spotted 2 minke whales and harbour porpoises. We got some great looks at both before heading home to St. Andrews.
1:30pm: This afternoon we got to spend time with 3 minke whales, 2 bald eagles, and a lot of seals and we visited Head Harbour Light before heading back to St. Andrews.
5pm: This evening we had a charter with our friends at Kingsbrae Gardens. We viewed seals at Black Ledge, a few harbour porpoise, and after much searching found a minke whale which gave us great looks!

sub adult bald eagle – image by Rika

great cormorant – image by Rika

juvenile bald eagle – image by Rika

harbour seals – image by Rika

minke in the evening light – image by Rika

minke – image by Rika

Pendlebury Light, St. Andrews, NB – image by Rika

full moon over St. Andrews harbour – image by Brendan


Thanks to Dani and Rika for the updates!
Thanks to all of our passengers for joining us today,
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Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊